2004 Quest coming out of gear?

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    The van intermittently has no pull but simply revs when the pedal is pushed. Usually when going up a hill, but sometimes on flat. If I let off the pedal it will ‘catch up’ and engage. I can also go the whole day without it happening, though. It will also sometimes start from a stop in a very high gear and I’ll have to put it into low to get it going at normal speed. This one is cured by turning it off and back on again.

    I’ve seen this problem in the posts but not my other one. Are they related?I’ve noticed that when the check engine light is not on the car acts normally.

    A code scan while the light was on produced the following:
    PO744,PO7880,PO797(came up twice!)PO420,PO430. There’s no cam sensor code as mentioned in some other posts, though.

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,




    change that—- When check engine light is OFF it also happens, too.

    I thought it was the transmission, but since it can go an entire day without occurring, it must be electrical, I guess.




    Here is a link to the Nissan ODBII Codes: http://engine-codes.com/make/nissan. It gives you a detail description of what the codes mean and possible solutions.



    Thanks dtownfb,

    It shows bsically the same things for the codes sin the 700’s:
    faulty shift solenoid
    poor electrical connection
    Open or Short circuit
    internal transmission fault
    low fluid level condition

    The ones in the 400’s indicate failed bank 1 and 2 catalytic converter, fuel system fault or vacuum leak.

    Are any of these things I can check myself?



    If I remember the diagnostic properly, I would check the level of the transmission fluid and possibly do a fluid change. At the very least, do a drain and fill. I did a drain and fill on my 2006 Camry and just changed the oil yesterday on the 2004 Quest. It’s pretty easy if you have ramps. Transmission pan is on the driver’s side; fill through the dip stick hole.

    As far as the 400’s, I would have a local mechanic take a look at it. It could be the catalytic converter or something much simpler.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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