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    My temp guage will show a 3 or 4 bare raise in engine temperature. At the same time the AC will blow neutral air. After a minute or 2, the engine temp will go back down and the AC will blow cool again. After a minute or 2 the cycle repeats. Just for kicks on a cool morning I turned on the heater and it blew neutral air. Any thoughts on the culprits?



    Coolant temp sensor may be sending a high temp reading to the ECU, which may stop the A/C compressor. When temp goes down the a/c compressor engages again. Why the temp fluctuates, you may have a coolant leak from head gasket or something else, like a bad thermostat. Is your check engine light on? Look for misfire P0300 code or some specific cylinder (P0301-0306). You may get a code for coolant temp out of range (P0116)

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