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    I have a 2004 Quest 3.5SE and want to install a class III hitch. The dealer at Superstition Springs in AZ told me that Nissan doesn’t sell the hitch. When I look at the back of the van, the receiver would have to be positioned below the bumper. There are quite a few aftermarket brands out there with either the receiver and bar below the bumper or the bar inside the bumper with the receiver below the bumper. Which would be better? I remember my friend had Uhaul install a hitch for his Toyota Sienna. He complained the hitch would bottom out on mild inclines when he towed a small Uhaul trailer. The trailer body is about 3/4 the length of his van. Can anyone suggest a hitch manufacturer or system setup that will minimize scraping the road on inclines?




    Eddie et al —

    I’m a neophyte in this arena, but also looking for a hitch for our ’05 SL.

    I see the pic from the link above. It says “no drilling necessary” and shows bolt ons.
    To what is the hitch bolted?

    Is this as secure as a drilled solution?

    Also, the secondary picture shows the ball add-on hanging down lower. It looks to still be a bottom-out problem.

    Who has a picture to show of a hitch solution that doesn’t hang down low?

    Many thanks for the above.




    hey I had an 04 with a hitch from JC whitney six holes and the frame on the quest already has threads Then I traded up to an 07 and told the dealership give me my hitch drops right off and same holes in frame rails!
    rated at 350 tongue and 3500 towing I love it easy just drop muffler down and push carefully out of the way bolt it on and put the muffler backlike a twenty minute move . the lighting converter is pretty simple also…..



    Hello we bought a 2004 Quest SL this past January, one of the reasons is that it already had a class 3 hitch (my dealer would charge $700 installed) – it also had the cross bars for the roof rack. Anyway, we have a driveway that has a small hill, everytime we back out of our driveway the back up sensors go crazy and if we go to quick the hitch hits the pavement, also once we came out of a business parking lot and it also bottomed out – now we drive in and out of our driveway at an angle. The hitch we have looks like an easy install 3 bolts on either side. We are going camping in a few weeks I am interested in how the van will respond – we had a 1993 Mercury Villager before and it worked great. The hitch I have does not have the make any more.



    I installed a class 3 hitch on our quest last night. It took me about an hour. Got it from Farm & Fleet but it was mfg by Curt. We also looked at a Uhaul hitch, which we found out was made by Curt also. Chose Farm & Fleet because they could get it to us quicker. At this point all we plan on hauling is a hitch mounted 4 bike rack. Install was pretty easy. The instructions are pretty straight forward, no surprises. The one thing I did different was instead of removing the rubber hanger for the muffler, I removed the strap from around the muffler. Definitely need a 2nd person to help hold the hitch up while you attach the bolts. Obviously haven’t driven it enough to experience any dragging on driveways etc. Very happy with the finished look- you only see the 2″ square receiver below the bumper- no hitch frame at all. A plus & a minus is that it doesn’t stick out past the bumper so no knocking your shins on it. The minus to that is you may need an extender for the ball. Will try to post a pick as well.

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