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    Just picked up a great deal of a vehicle but did not notice the issue I am now having. When I start the car after been sitting for a about an hour or so, it will not start up on first crank. It will crankl and crank but not flip over until I stop cranking it and re-start it. I have no check engine light but pulled a P1800 code. It also makes a loud ticking noise at two times, one at first cold start (lifters? maybe old oil filter) and when accelartating (constant ticking – possibly exhaust leak). Has anyone had these issues or possibly help me look in the right direction, thanks!



    irockstar661 – had this code on my 2004 Quest last summer. Very, Very easy fix. Here’s the thread: http://x.nissanhelp.com/forums/quest/15470-strange-problem-p1800-p0340-tcs-slip-etc.html

    make sure you read it all the way through. Basically, if the hoses check out and connections check out, you need to replace a sensor. I included the part number in this thread.

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