2004 quest passenger sliding door not working

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    im trying to find the location of the door motor and cable



    It is inside the panel in the back. You need to pull off the panel (undo the 4 screws that hold the rear deck Nissan lid and the black storage bag to remove the panel). Once the screws are out it will just pop off. You can buy coated cable at Home Depot for $0.30 per foot and replace it yourself for less than $15 including the ferrules you crimp on the cable. Make sure to get coated cable, otherwise it will fray and you will have to do the job again (I know from experience).

    Good Luck



    Jimmy Newtron

    LCNNN — I have a similar issue. I assume you used the 1/16″ coated cable but as the cable has permanent nipples at both ends, how did you fashion new ones in place? Did you use a universal “screw-on” type of did you do something else? I just uploaded a bunch of photos/steps getting to the cable but I now need to fashion a new one and it’s not clear how to “make” the ends…thanks



    the ‘nipples’ are called ferrules, and there common & available at most hardware stores. The process of attaching them to the cable is called ‘swaging’, (pronounced like ‘waging’ in ‘waging war’ You swage the ferrules to the cable with special crimpers…and THIS is where it gets tricky. For these cables, you need to make sure they’re REALLY on firmly. Given the cost of the factory part, buying a swaging-crimping tool for $50 isn’t the biggest waste of money, but it would be great to find someone that has one (or buy one, make 2 crimps & return it.

    But what I want to know is, exactly how LONG should the cable be (not including the length of the ferrules)? I guess the tensioning wheels mean you don’t have to be accurate to the mm or anything, but you’d want them a little on the short side to allow for some stretching once they break in.

    thanks for the measurement, and thanks for this timely thread; my cable is out as of 3 days ago.

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