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    We have a 2004 quest that one day a couple months ago randomly died while my wife was driving. When it died the TCS off light, slip light and service engine soon light all came on. It stated right back up and only the service light stayed on, so got it scanned and it said the bank 1 camshaft sensor was the issue and I replaced it. Since then the service light has not come back on but the van has died randomly a couple times again but will always start back up with no issues. Also one time my wife went to leave somewhere and put it in reverse and the van wouldn’t move and even when pushing the accelerator it would not rev up. I have read a couple different things that it could be, either that I need to replace the bank 2 camshaft sensor as well, or that the ecm may be bad.

    Any input on this would be great, thanks.



    Mine did the same thing, I replaced both camshift sensors and have had no more problems.



    I’m going to try that next week. I hope that works so I don’t have to spend the money on a ecm.



    My did something similar. During driving TCS, Slip and SES light came on. Car didn’t die, it went to limp mode with no power to run it faster than 15 mph. After restart it was running fine, with only SES on. Code was P2135 and it was calling for bad TPS (throttle position sensor). In this car, there is two of them. One in throttle body and one in accelerator. I asked my friend to run the car on snap-on computer, so we can see voltages on both sensors. Turns out both where ok. He suggested to check connections on sensors, clean them up, and use dielectric grease. That did not help an I decided to replace throttle body. That helped for maybe 3 months. One thing I noticed that it was mostly happening when was really hot. Before spending another $ on accelerator TPS i decided to unplug ECU, clean pins and connections on both plugs, and treat them with dielectric grease. Guess what?? Problem solved!!! Never happened since for a year now.



    Mine is in the Nissan shop now doing the same exact thing, they told me there is a short in the internal throttle body, they said it needed to be replaced.



    For what it’s worth, I have had my van die on my 2 times. It blew the ECCS fuse causing the engine to die! Literally! All lights, doors, and radio work fine but the van shuts down. All I did was swap the fuse for a new one and walla it starts. Took it to 2 different electricians and nothing. No recalls from the dealer either. I carry extra fuses and a long pair of needle nose pliers just in case the short decides to come back and leave me stranded again. Other than that the car runs like a champ.

    -2005 se 30k

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