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    I just took my 2004 Quest into the shop for what i thought was some minor repair work. I was shocked when they called to tell me that it was unsafe to drive and basically not worth repairing. I have always had issues with the front passenger side. Noises… Wheel bearing needing replacement… Headlight wiring shorting out.. Etc. and my van has no “pick up” when it rains. I brought it to the shop because the heater and interior lights werent working. Anyway… After buying the car just 14 short months ago and being the second owner they told me the front passenger subframe is completely rotted and the entire sub frame needs replacing. I read online that others around 100,000 miles have found the same. I have read two potential causes… The Air conditioning unit drains on top of the subframe causing pooling in that spot in addition to having a lip where snow and ice tends to sit. I have a call into Nissan but i didnt get the feeling they were looking to help much. If this is a design flaw Nissan should look into thescope of the issue. If people have rotted subframes and do not know… There could be some serious accidents with vans full of families. I myself am a mom of five and besides owing 9000 on a lawn ornament someone could have been hurt. Anyone found this issue also?



    I haven’t heard of problems with the sub-frame. I would get a 2nd opinion esp. since you still owe $9000 on the van.



    Top post. I look forward to reading more. Cheers
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    I have had kind of the same surprise told yesterday. I brough my 2004 Quest (113,000 km – first owner) to the shop for a replacement of the left “suspension arm” which apparently needed replacing.

    The frame unit is what holds the engine and the direction together. I took a picture and you can see that on the right side (passenger) the frame unit is rotten through and through. It can be repaired, at a cost of 750$ for a used frame unit plus 5 hours of work plus all the extras… Total cost, 1800$ with taxes if they have to change the left suspension arm…

    I’m going to call Nissan Canada but I’m not expecting much either….


    Nissan’s stance is that this is an environmental issue and that though i do wash my undercarriage regularly there is no proof that the owner before me did… Though i have maintenance records. Nissan states i am the only complaint that they have received yet i have found ten or so in different online forums. All front passenger where the ac condenser drains. ALL service shops that looked at this van that were NOT Nissan affiliated told me that this should be a manufacturer issue. That if it was just a maintenance/environment issue it would be more of the undercarriage and not limited to the same spot in all of the 2004 vans.



    Interesting, this is the first I’ve read of this. I have 112,000 on mine, and still return it to the dealer for major repairs and they haven’t said anything about this, nor did they mention this was a common issue.

    I’d love to see your pic if you can contact me. Thanks…




    Just found out I also have subframe rot under AC drain. Went to replace lower control arm and found hole in subframe.



    $650 for new front subframe and 5 hours labor $1200 if nothing else breaks while removing. WIll update price when complete.



    I have same issue in upstate NY with a 2004 with 120,000 miles, purchased new. Golfball sized hole rusted into right side subframe that holds engine and suspension. Quoted $1400 to fix. Called Nissan Corp and they will not pay for repair. You can see the hole if you turn the wheel all the way right and look into the right side wheel well. I’m trying to decide if its worth the repair price to keep vehicle going up to 140,000 miles. But other things are also going bad. Sliding door won’t open from outside, dash LCD screen (fuel gauge area) occasionally blanks out.


    Jimmy Newtron

    Just had the same experience as many on this form. My local mechanic was floored at the extent of the rot / rust. As the van has been rustproofed every year since new, seems pretty clear that this is a manufacturing issue. As Nissan Canada seems to take the approach that nothing is every a manufacturing issue, I’m wondering if any of you have had success with getting compensation/free repair? This problem also appears the affect Altima’s and Maxima’s but they are lucky enough to have a full on TSB which extends the warranty to 13 years and they provide a full replacement. This flaw is a serious safety issue as complete failure could result in loss of control.
    We loved the van but it’s might be time to move along. In the past year we’ve had to fix the cables in the power sliding doors and the slack arm / timing chain issue has also reared it ugly head. The part that sucks is all of these could have been avoided with a $5 in better materials (even sticking with the wonky design).


    Jimmy Newtron

    Just wondering if you had any luck getting Nissan Canada to help you with the cost of the repair? If so, what was the magic sauce? My experience to date has been dismal — it’s never their fault:-)
    Thanks, Jim



    Like the other posts I read I found front sub frame rot on my 2004 Nissan Quest. I was changing my oil and while inspecting the undercarriage I noticed severe subframe rot. I took it to the nearest Nissan dealer They said they were going to investigate and get back to me. They never did. Redman



    Yup I too have just found out that the passenger side sub frame of my 04 quest is rotted out! WHEN WILL THE PAIN STOP ON THIS VEHICLE!!!!
    The dealer wants $750 just for the part plus labor at $1000-1300…total cost at $2300. The vehicle is not even worth $500 so what to do?

    Now I managed to source a good used sub frame at an auto recycler ….but they tore one of the rubber mounts…and guess what? the mounts aren’t available separately. So I’m still looking for a replacement part. Has anyone come up with a good solution for this dilemma….other than buying a new one from Nissan?


    Jimmy Newtron

    So I was able to convince Nissan. Canada to review the claim. They provided the frame at no-charge but I still had to look after the labour costs. Still, I think that was fair for a 10 year old van…



    I also have a 2004 Nissan quest with only about 65,000 miles on it.My wife drives this car only around local .I brought it to have it serviced yesterday and when they put it up on the lift they found that the subframe on the right passenger side by the front wheel rotted the size of a softball.They said it was to dangerous to drive.The wheel bearing need to be replaced also do to flexing of the frame.We are raising 3 granddaughters and my wife drives them to there activity’s all the time. Thank God we found out before something could have happen. This all could have been prevented if Nissan just diverted the A/C drippings away from the frame.This is a manufacture ERROR!!!!!!! This ERROR will cost me about 3,000 to fix. People who have 2004 quest Please check your car to pervert someone from getting hurt or even worse .

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