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    Hello every one.I have a 2004 Quest S.when I bought it new i did the transmission flush at the dealer but then after 60 000 miles i just drained the fluid and replaced it.The last time it change the trans fluid was when the car had 100 000 miles.Now it has 106.000 miles and sometimes it does a kind jump from the first gear to second gear and the rest of them is fine.Should I change the filter and the fluid again.Dealer says there is not need to change filter.Any suggestions?



    I don’t have an answer, just some observations. I have the same problem with my 05 Quest. I did notice in the thread that says “please state all your quest problems….” that someone posted this….

    Transmission 1-2 shift solenoid wire was loose causing harsh shifts at 80,000. Fixed by re soldering wire back to solenoid…..

    Took a look at the service manual to see where tranny solenoids are and how I might try this. From what I can tell you need to drain the fluid, remove the pan to gain access to below, and remove 13 bolts to get the valve assembly out.

    Sounds a little beyond my capabilities. I’ve done clutches, timing chains, and a bunch of mechanical stuff, but have never opened a tranny.



    It’s behind the glovebox. Controls transmission reaction as well as the solenoid in the shifter. I’d have someone take a look at that first. Costs $600 at dealer. I pulled one from a wrecked van for $115.



    Just drop the pan down. You will need an offset 10 mm wrench to access one of the bolts. My solenoid wire was loose, I soldered the wire in place with rosin core solder without removing anything but the pan. I immediately noticed a difference after the fix. It still shifts a little rough at low speeds but nothing like before and I have not experienced any problems 50,000 miles after the fix.

    You can download NTB05-001 at


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