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    Good morning everyone. Just thought I would post this to all of us who have had problems with the brakes rotors warping, having to replace pads etc..

    Went to the dealership for the oil change and tire rotation. Hit them with a laundry list of little items, one of them being a shimmy when braking. Reminded them they turned the rotors and put new pads on 7000 miles ago.

    Well, low and behold, I got new brake hardware up front. New Rotors/Calipers/pads etc. Turns out that Nissan has finally put out a notice to dealerships that there is a problem with the system and they are replacing at no cost provided you are still within warranty.

    Dealership also found a right rear shock leaking and replaced that. Got a new CD Changer too as it locked up and wouldnt eject the disk thta was in there.

    If you are having problems with your front brakes, take it in.

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