2004 SL Gas Mileage

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    Ok, so I am new to this forum and had a question.

    What is the actual gas tank capacity. Here is why I ask

    Using the Fuel Economy button, I click it and it says I am getting 16 mpg. But when I fill up at 330 miles, I have only put in 15.5 gallons which comes out to 21.29 mpg. The light usually comes on at 310 miles but am wondering how long that will go. I guess I could fill up a gas can and run it till it is empty, add the 2 gallons of gas, then go fill it up.

    We have had it for almost 2 months and love it. We got it in Mar 07 with under 20k miles on it. This particular Quest was delivered new in March 05 so I was very pleased to get it with the miles on it. Traded in an 04 Mitsubishi Endeavor Limited with 45k miles that was starting to rattle and ran on premium gas. Knocked payments down and got a car with 3 years of warranty left. Oh and our Insurance went down too.

    Thanks for your answers.



    According to the owner’s manual, the fuel capacity is 20 gal (US). In my experience, the light, fuel gauge, & computer DTE all cry wolf. I suppose Nissan is trying to protect us so that we never run out of gas, but is it really working when we learn to ignore the low fuel light? It would be nice if DTE, would actually tell you the approximate distance until the tank is empty.

    Are you resetting the fuel economy meter when you fill up? (Hold down the “FUEL ECON” button for more than 1.5 seconds). If not, the fuel economy shown is the average since it was last reset, which might explain the discrepancy you are seeing.

    This is our first van. I don’t know if we can ever be without (at least until the kids leave). Enjoy your Quest!

    You can find the owner’s manual online here.

    06 Quest Base



    The few times that I drove to a gas station with fuel light lit, it took a little more than 17 gallons to fill. I drove over 20 minutes on the highway and it still only took 17 gallons to fill.

    That means the light comes on too soon or the tank is not really 20 gallons. With 3 gallons, I can go another 60-70 miles on the highway.



    I’ve had the same experience. Now, I don’t even think about getting gas until the light comes on (except when I go by a station with premium on sale on Tuesdays). The problem is that after the light comes on, the gauge reads empty, and the trip computer says * miles to empty, you no longer have that assurance that you aren’t about to lurch to a halt. When I have finally relented after driving for many miles with the light on, I don’t think I’ve ever been able to put even 18 gal. into the tank.

    Small issue in the overall scheme of things, but an annoyance nonetheless.

    06 Quest Base

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