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    does anyone know if the 2005 nissan quest se has prewiring for a dvd player. I have a console that has 4 compartments. I would love to have a dvd player in there. Has anyone ever done this?



    The SE comes with the DVD player standard….maybe I don’t understand your question….



    The Nissan dealer told us that it was pre-wired and at a later time we could have one installed. We have not done so at this time. I hope this helps.



    I have same situation. The DVD wiring harness may not be installed although the overhead console is in place. Under the passenger front seat there are no connectors for the DVD nor is the plastic surrounding the bottom of the seat configured to mount the DVD player. Dealer Parts Dept. checked my VIN and handed me a list of components to add the system totaling $4,766 (without labor).
    It would seem a salvaged system and wiring harness would be one way to get an original equipment system at an affordable price. After market systems in the headrests may be the most affordable and practical.
    good luck, etech


    Jimmy Newtron

    The SE, while the top model, did have 3 major options.

    1) Navigation, which was a $2000 option and only available on the SE
    2) Dual screen DVD, which was a $1900 option and again only available on the SE
    3) Single screen DVD player, was a $1500 option and was available on lower models as well

    I have to agree that retrofitting it is probably not the best idea (even though it would look the best). There are many decent after market systems which you could go with for a whole lot less money…

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