2005 quest 3.5s Tailgate motor replacing?

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    I got a quest that the liftgate motor seems to be giving out. Theres power ot activate the motor when you hit both remote and interior switches but it doesnt have enough power to open or close it. I can do it manually but with a little force and effort. I am thinking its the motor so I am getting the part from a junk yard and doing it myself. Never worked on a nissan quest before but i work at a honda dealer. So any tips or advices anybody have on replacing the motor i would greatly appreicated it..

    thank you



    Check and make sure the liftgate absorbers are not at the end of their life; If they are worn out the liftgate defaults to a safe mode and will not open or close with the power button.You can open it manually from the inside. Replacing them should make the gate open and close again. I do not remeber if there is a procedure to restart it after changing them, i’ll look.



    Dealer said the motor ($800) needed replacement. Please post your results, I am trying the struts first.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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