2005 Quest DVD player broken, need replacement parts

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    I have a 2005 Nissan Quest that has the OEM DVD player mounted under the front passenger seat. The DVD will not play discs, I took it to a stereo shop and they say that the “belt” is broken. They have been trying for 2 months to find a replacement belt but no luck!! They are available used on ebay for about $150-400. Anyone know where to get parts or new units cheap?



    Just a few months ago, the discs would not spin. I called 2 dealers and was quoted $1700 and $400. Bought a replacement on Ebay for $250 and it works great.



    What words did you use to find the replacement on Ebay – I have a 2004 Quest and need the DVD player. Have tried other replacements and the wires don’t match.



    anyone can help, what should i put, just bought Quest 2005 recently, seller told me someone steel the dvd player and he has reguler cd player, i want to install ogignal dvd player coz my concern is, i want to use the controlling buttons on stearing and front pannel also, if i install after market dvd player i think i can’t use those buttons? thanks for any hint



    Dealer replaced mine for free but I have the platium extended warranty. So check your warranty it may be covered.



    my dvd player started trying to read the discs and then spits them back out..is this similar to yours?? and did you replace yours on your own??

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