2005 quest se heater problems and hazards not working.

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    hey everyone, i purchased a 05 quest se a couple months ago and noticed my heater takes a very very long time to get hot. i have it cranked up to about 90 degrees and still not much comes out(fan works fine). any suggestions? also my hazard button doesn’t seem to work. turn signals work perfect but no hazards? how can that be?any advice would be great. thanks.



    Is the van’s engine temperature coming up to normal? If not you need to have the engine thermostat replaced or at the very least tested.

    If the engine temperature is coming up to normal than you might need to replace the cabin air filter. I am not sure how to do it yet since I have not replaced mine on my 07, but I think the instructions are out there on the net somewhere.

    For the flashers, check for burned fuses first, if the fuses are fine than you might have to replace the flasher. I’m not sure if the flasher switch has a high failure rate or not but I’m guessing that it’s not at fault. The replacement flasher should be available at a local parts house.

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    Before you decide a replacement thermostat is in order, check your coolant level. If your coolant is low, often the cabin will not heat up. If it is low, there may be a leak somewhere, which would be the root cause, but in the short term, add coolant.

    Make sure the coolant you add is compatible with what is already in there.

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