2005 Quest Spark Plug Torque and Step-by-Step Instructions???

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    Any idea what the torque setting is when replacing the spark plugs on this model? Nothing in the owner’s manual; the service dept at the local dealer said “just crank ’em down”. Doesn’t sound right to me.

    Also, looking at the engine, this doesn’t seem like a real straight-forward thing for the “weekend” mechanic 🙂

    Any step-by-step instructions would be great…

    Thanks in advance for any and all help!



    Spark plug torque: 24.5 Nm (2.5 kg-m, 18 ft-lb)

    You can download the service manual. You need the EM.pdf file




    I just completed the spark plug change using the steps in the repair manual. It was a HUGE job but it would have been considerably easier had the repair manual included more detail. This is not a job for the feint-of-heart or the sore-of-back.

    Some observations:

      – The manual calls for removal of the cowl top. This created a lot of extra space to work with. The manual however didn’t mention that the wiper motor/assembly needs to be removed. Also, instead of removing the cowl top completely, I found it much easier to raise it and suspend it from the hood. That way you can leave all of the wires attached.
      – Removing the two studs from the collector as well as the studs for the EGR pipe helped make removal of the collector assembly much easier. They have a splined end. I was able to remove them with an SAE (can’t remember the size but metric was too loose) socket.
      – The manual did not mention how to remove two green wire terminals that are held by a bracket on the passenger-side rear of the collector. These need to be released from the bracket without separating the terminals. You can do this by pressing a flathead screwdriver into a square-shaped slot through the metal bracket while lifting up on the terminal. A mirror and flashlight are required to locate the slot. Once the terminals are released, you will also need to remove a clip holding the wire bundle to the bracket.
      – The manual didn’t mention a bracket behind the collector that holds up a pipe. It is held by a 12mm bolt. It can be removed pretty easily with a ratchet and socket but locating it is a challenge. Lifting the collector, you may be able to see the bracket from underneath. The mirror comes in handy here as well.
      – The PCV tube hidden behind the collector is also a challenge to remove/replace. I found it by feeling around, but again, the mirror will help locate it.
      – Another bracket supports the collector from behind. This one has four 12mm bolts. I removed the upper two with a ratchet and socket. They were easy to remove in the end but I struggled with them for a long time with a wrench before realizing I could fit a socket in the tight space.
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