2006 Gas Gauge Problem

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    My wife filled up the tank of gas, and the digital gas gauge didn’t go up, it stayed at empty and the gas light stays lit. Is this a known problem? If so how do i go about fixing this. I need to resolve it quickly or we wont know when we run low on gas.
    Any advice is appreciated!



    That happened to us on our 2004 S. I think it was after we got a new battery in April 2008. This lasted about a week or so, we hit a bump and it went back to normal. We never had any problems with the gauge since then.



    It has happened to me a couple times when filling up w/ my Quest. Once I left the car running while filling up and it showed that I was still on empty. It took a while of driving around to finally acknowledge that the tank was full. It happened another time when the car was turned off and it also did recognize that there was gas in the tank. But it is very sporadic when it happens and for the most part it works fine, Weird!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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