2006 Intermittent starting problem

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    06 Quest, 85,000 miles
    Starts fine every morning.
    Battery is new
    Starter spins engine fast.
    After 20 or so minutes of driving, I stop the van for 10+ minutes.
    Try to start.
    Engine spins fine, 1 cylinder will catch immediately.
    Sputters and dies.
    sometimes backfires
    Pumping the gas pedal constantly each start attempt and after 15 or 20 attempts the engine fires on all cylinders and runs fine. Smooth idle.

    No Check engine Light
    No Codes in computer
    engine never dies while driving, has hesitation on hard acceleration, you can feel an engine surge when pressing all the way on the accelerator.

    With a limited budget I need to figure out where to start. Cant afford to replace too many parts.
    Any help will be appreciated.



    Have you checked/changed the fuel filter? Also get your fuel pressure checked…



    how dirty is the air filter?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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