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    Hello All,

    My DVD player is picky.
    It will not play DVD+R movies that I have burned using Slysoft AnyDVD software and DVD Shrink.
    My player still works with store purchased/rented Blockbuster DVD’s.
    I just called Myron & Davis (the manufacturer of the DVD player) and they suggested that I purchase a lense cleaner. 🙂

    Does anyone have suggestions?
    Is there a firmware update I can use to flash the dvd drive?

    On another note, I would like swap my DVD unit to where my 6CD changer is located in the center console. My wife and I are tired of loading DVD’s under the seat – it’s such a pain! 🙂
    Has anyone moved the DVD player to the center console like the new Quests have?

    Thank you in advance,



    I don’t think I’ve had that trouble with mine but in my experience DVD players can be sensitive to the kind of media used (+R, -R) and even to the brand used (Sony, Verbatim, etc). I found that my Sony home DVD player does not generally like DVD +R and doesn’t respond well to some -Rs. The ones I’ve had the most luck with have been the Verbatim DVD -R with the movie reel design printed on them. They are not cheap, but they’ve been much more reliable than the others I’ve tried.

    If you determine what the problem is, please post back so everyone knows.



    I picked up a Philips DVD lense cleaner from Walmart tonight and now everything plays again! 🙂
    Your right, I used Verbatim as well and have great results with this brand.
    DVD-R is more exceptable and now my DVD+R’s work as well.

    Has anyone moved the dvd player to the center console?
    I have a 2006 Quest.
    I was thinking of moving it to where the 6-cd changer is – would be easier to load discs.

    Take care,



    Great. Thanks for posting the solution.

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