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    Hi everyone, here is my experience installing the right satellite equipment for the right price.

    Must of us think that installing the xm or sirius satellite equipment is very expensive or complicated, but this is what happened to me…

    I bought a 2006 Quest SE very well equipped, but without the satellite radio. After a couple of weeks I went back to the dealer and I asked for a quote for the equipment and instalation of the sirius sat rec for my van…They ask for almost $900.00, WOW!!!
    🙁 Well I tough that I was never gonna be able to listen to sat radio in my van the right way (without an aftermarket tuner).
    Then I found a website (parts) and I was able to get the original sat tuner and everything I needed for the instalation for less than $300.00.
    Once I got everything It took me around two and a half hours to instal it. Now I’m very happy ‘cos my van is very, very well equipped.

    I hoppe my story will help others to get what they want for less money.

    Do some research and you will save $$$$.
    Just my 2 cents.



    Where did you purchase your unit?



    I don’t know if I’m breaking the rules of the site but it was at…

    My Nissan Parts Dot Com



    Hello, Did the installation instructions come with your purchase? Have you done car audio installation before? I have a 2006 SL and am interested in installing Sirius radio.



    Just got a 2007 Quest S, which is pre-wired for Satellite. I’d like to hear more details on the installation. Was it pretty much plug-and-play? Were the instructions clear and accurate? Which antenna did you use and how/where did you mount it? How is your reception? I see the website says that the installation on the Quest requires the N-Bus Harness. What the heck is that?




    What website?



    I recently purchased the XM radio kit from nissan parts dot com. The install took me about 4 hours and it works great. If anyone needs instructions or pictures just let me know!
    ’06 SL Special Edition


    Ruben Alonzo

    CoolDaddy, My wife and I just bought a ’06 Special Edition, can you PLEASE tell me how you did it as i would love to have XM. Please email me at siromega@yahoo.com, with pictures. Thanks !!



    I’m looking into installing Sirius in my ’05 Quest. The one for your year might be cheeper I’m told by the dealor and various parts web sites. SO far I know that I need a bus harness#999U9-X1Q000, Mounting bracket#999U9-IT000,and the glass mount antenna#999U9-VR002, the glass mount is a preference, you can opt for the roof mount but I’m told drilling will be requires, the tuner I’ve been told that I need is#999U9-NV004, I’m getting conflicting info. Some are saying that you NEED the factory installed 6 disk changer for it to work, and the dealer is saying something different. The tuner #999U9-AS006
    is alot cheaper, and you can find it at http://mynissanparts.com/pc-58-49-satellite-radio.aspx




    Do you have any info about where all the “stuff” like those foam strips and clear tape and etc. goes? Were you able to get all of it put in or on? My radio works great but has moments where it drops the signal but comes right back. Oh, the instructions that came with the antennae were not real clear, does the antennae mount on the inside or the outside? I couldn’t find anything on the web about it so I improvised.
    If you have any info/pics, please forward them to jmstafford@babcock.com. Thanks.



    I put my antennae inside on the dash right in the center about 2″ from the window. Once in a while I do get a quick drop off in signal, but works great. I have a .PDF document with the instruction but it shows the antenna being installed on the roof or on the window if you need it!
    ’06 SL Special Edition



    Hello Cooldaddycars…. I want to install a oem satellite receiver in my 06 SE but don’t know where the pre-wired plug is located… Is it possible you can email me the instructions you have in pdf format?

    My email address: Eddiesalsa51@yahoo.com

    Thanks very much for your time and support…




    I just got nissan Quest SL. Can you send me the .pdf file for installation of xm radio. Thanks for any advice or assistance that you can offer. My email address is bowen9403@bellsouth.net

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