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    My 2006 is having intermittently jerking and engine vibration while idling and/or on stop. The po300 code came three times but it did not give which cylinder is misfiring from. I took to the shop, nothing ever pinpoint to the cause of the misfiring. they recommending to change all spark plugs which turned out to be very expensive removing the intake manifold but intermittently jerking or misfiring still persist. Also, I heard knocking noises coming from the power brake booster… is that mean it is broken? or perhaps, misfiring is the direct result of leaky power break booster or something else? help please. thanks.



    if the misfire is audible and you can feel loss of power then its probably an injector issue. Otherwise it could be an EGR issue. If you suspect anything leaking, spray a bit of carb or throttle cleaner where you suspect the leak is (with the engine running). But be ready to douse flame in case anything catches fire (very low probability, not trying to scare you). This engine design shows one of the more sinister sides of Nissan. There’s no need to cover up spark plugs and injectors such that you can’t perform injector or plug test yourself without having to remove the intake manifold. But then again, when people don’t work on their cars they become specialized items to be worked on by “mechanics” only , and nobody’s the wiser.

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