2006 quest rotors

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    my quest is vibrating alot when ever i hit the brakes i took it to the dealer they said they rotors are warped. how do find the manual on how to change them or how do i change them. should i change my brake pads at the same times since the rotors are warped. thank you for the help



    If you have changed other disc rotors on other vehicles before, then the procedure is the same. You have 2 bolts holding the caliper and 2 bolts holding the a bracket (torque member) that keeps the rotor from coming out. You have to remove this bracket. The only thing is the bolts holding this bracket is very tight from the factory (115 ft-lbs), so you either need a breaker bar or an impact wrench.

    When you change rotors, change the pads. I have been down that money saving route before and reused rotors and pads, and after 5000 or 8000 miles, you end up with some shaking again. I just did all 4 brake pads/rotors last week and if you shop around online, it won’t cost too much. I paid about $200 total for Bendix ceramic pads and AC Delco rotors for all 4.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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