2006 Quest SE – 56K miles – advice needed

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    Just got this from a known guy. Basically it was sitting for 10+ months with only a few hundred miles as they were out of the country.
    Took today to Nissan dealer in NoVa – oil change/tire rotation and complete check.
    Good part: Brake fluid was the only fluid that needs to be done.
    Coming to bad part:
    – dealer showed me a broken engine mount, he said this needs replacement. ($700) – saw a crack on “rubbery” material near the base of the mount.
    – showed me all belts cracked and said need replacement ($220)
    – battery needs charging (its a new one – reading 300/700) ($120)
    – replace rear wiper blade – it is asinine that you cannot do a insert for these, the whole damn blade mount needs replacement. ($100)

    Am I getting ripped off on any of the above ?
    What are the options for the engine mount ?
    And if I get it done, should I get all of them done, instead of one ?
    What are the risks ?

    I guess I can get battery charging and brake fluid exchange done at Midas etc.
    Are those guys good at doing belt replacement too ? Or should that be done ONLY at dealership ?



    I have over 100K on mine and never changed the brake fluid. I have no idea about the engine mounts, but mine are the original.
    Rear wiper can be purchased at walmart for about $8. DYI
    I would not pay $120 to charge a battery that cost about the same or less new. If you are not having issues starting, I would not change.

    Belts might be worth it. They are a pain to get to.



    dtwonfb – thanks for your note.
    Point becomes, who is a better independent mechanic around North virginia area (lake ridge/dale city/lorton/springfield) area ?
    And also, the engine mount – would it make sense to replace all the mounts in one shot, while at it ?



    Not sure you are getting ripped off but you can get most of that done a lot cheaper.

    Motor mount – An independent mechanic can replace this mount for cheaper. To give yourself an idea of cost, do an online search for “2006 Quest motor mount” part. I can’t see it taking more than 2 hours.

    Belts – again an independent mechanic can replace the alternator belt. you may as well check the alternator while you are at it.

    Battery – I don’t understand this especially if it is new. maybe a problem with the alternator? possibly something draining the batery?

    rear wiper blade – I ordered a wiper blade from Advance Auto part for $13 and replaced it myself. I don’t understand the high cost.

    find a good independent mechanic to do the work.



    Not familiar with mechanics in Northern VA but I did a google search on “AAA recommended mechanic Northern virginia” and got many hits. I would also check with your neighbors and co-workers for recommendations.



    I would only change the broken engine mount.. Do not take it to the dealer to get fixed they are always outrageous and every thing you mentioned is pretty much basic fixes that any back yard mechanic could do.. the motor mounts are about 89$ new from AutoZone or any parts store like that.. I haven’t heard of people changing the inserts in their wiper blades in years because its so cheap to just buy the blades and it sounds to me like their telling you to change the whole arm but you can most definitely buy just theblade for under 20$.. I could change the belt for you on the side of the road if we lived closer lol so Midas or any repair shop would have no problem at all.. Dealerships are always a rip off and it sounds like that one is really tryingto pull one over on you bring it to a small garage tell them what needs to be done all that work together shouldn’t be more than 4 to 5 hundred and even that seems high but I guess with the parts and labor 4 to 5 is what you should expect to pay



    And did you say 120$ to charge the battery.. You can get a brand new battery for less than that



    Thanks Don et al ..
    got all the below done at a local ASE/AAA certified mechanic shop in noVa.
    engine mount
    belts replacement
    battery charging
    replace wiper blade
    brake fluid flush
    head light restoration

    all for just below $900.
    the engine mount itself had to be bought from dealership – it was a semi-hydraulic/electric – it costed $200 or so.

    Thanks everyone!

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