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    I have a 2006 Quest and recently the slinding door on the driver side would not open from the outside… nbow it won’t open from either side. Anyone else having this issue? What can I do?





    I have had a similar problem on my 2004 quest. If the door partially opens, and then either closes or gets stuck, it could be that your cable is frayed and is jamming up assembly that it runs on. Nissan will offer to repair your entire cable assembly for around $600- $800, or you can replace the cables yourself for around $10, assuming that you are good at working with your hands. It will take you many hours, but it is not hard to do. Let me know if you want to know more about how to do it. I have replaced mine and it works great.




    Thanks for the help. The door is completely closed and it won’t open neiother from the inside nor the outside handle. This is not an automated door. Did you have the same problem?

    Thank you so much for your help!



    How to remove the outside handle drivers side sliding door, need to replace cable?

    Sutica you need to remove the inside panel by gently pulling it from door also remove the pull handle.
    Once you have the panel off you can push the lever on the bottom of the lock to unlock door. It is probably the cable connected to the outside handle costs about 10 dollars



    I will keep that in mind if my power door poops out



    I had a similar problem, then I realized that my kids had spilled juice on the weather seal, and the seal was sticky, causing the door to really stick!. I cleaned it and it works now. I wish all my problems where that easy!!




    Make sure the child safety lock is not “on” that would make it impossible to open from the inside. If the child lock is not on and still does not open from the outside nor the inside most likely its one of the inside door cables and you need to look by removing the door panel. I have the power door and mine would not open from the outside handle, it turned out to be the handle cable had snaped of the receptacle and was not allowing the cable to pull the lock. All i did was zip tie it and whala! works now! good luck


    mounir elmoukhlis

    I have a similar problem, the automatic door wont shutt all the way and opens like something is in the wasy but when I switch it off i can open and close. when the door if fully open the cable is hanging from the track could that be the problem? can I replace it with just removing the outside panel that covers the tracks ?
    thank you



    Hi Nathan [or anyone else who can help!]
    I also have a 2004 Quest. The door will partially open and stop or reclose. I can see the cable and it is frayed and seems to be the problem. I would love some tutoring on how we can replace this ourselves rather than paying the $900 to Nissan.



    I’ve been reading any post I can find and have had no luck so I’m hoping someone here might be able to help.

    My issue is similar to what started this post – I have a 2004 Quest SE and the driver’s sliding door will not open. It attempts to open maybe an inch if that and then shuts again and I get the clicking in the back. Below is what I tried from reading the posts and other symptoms.

    1.) If the door is opened manually (power doors off) and I turn them back to auto they door will close fine.
    2.) If I try to block the door and reopen it as it closes automatically it’ll fight with me and not let me re-open the door.
    3.) The door opens and closes just fine in manual mode.
    4.) I have pulled the inside panel off and see the cable looks OK – spinning around in the grooves OK as I open and close the door.
    5.) The door still latches by itself and pulls itself tight. It almost seems too tight sometimes since there will be a pretty decent ‘pop’ when it tries to open.

    What I’m wondering is if this may be a bad motor or could there be something with a sensor blocking it that triggers when the fuel door is open (I’m assuming there is a safety mechanism there.) though the fuel door is NOT open.

    The dealer tried to tell me something was in the track but when I said it opens fine in manual mode they thought it was maybe a motor. Before I go spending money on a new motor I wanted to get the opinion here.





    The automatic sliding door on my 2004 Quest with 160,000 miles would not shut. I noticed the seal on on the upper left hand corner (upper rear passenger side) on the van side (not door) had a small black rubber tube protruding out of the seal. That little black tube was causing the door not to close all the way. I pushed the tube back into the seal about six inches and the door problem ceased. The door now works better than it did at 75,000 miles! Its like that little black tube had worked its way back out of the seal after many years of opening and closing the door.



    Passenger side power door would not open from the outside handle, but works from inside and thru remote. Does anyone had this issue in the past and how do i fix this? Does this require to open the door assembly?




    I have the exact same problem, except my door is manual.

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