2006 Quest started to "shut down". This has happened twice

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    Jana D

    Hello, first time posting. Looking for clues to what could be wrong with our 2006 Quest. We’ve had it for almost four years with no problems. About six months ago was on interstate and van started just shutting down, slowly decelerating to an almost stop. I was luckily close to an exit and got off and coasted to a stop. I turned the car off and then cranked it back up and it was fine. Scared me so we took it to the dealer and they tested it and said nothing appeared wrong with it. Then yesterday I’m on the road close to our house and come to a stop sign. Then I press the gas to go and it won’t. The car is still on. It didn’t die, it just wouldn’t go and all the indicator lights came on and the automatic door and windows wouldn’t work. I was able to reverse and back it up into a parking lot and waited on my husband. Then he follows me home and I barely made it there. The car wouldn’t go past 10 mph and i approached a “tiny hill”, more like a slope, by my house and it wouldn’t make it. My husband had to jump the car off with his car. We got it home. Later he was able to crank it and it was doing just fine and took it to the auto parts store down the road and they tested the battery and did a diagnostic test and everything checked out fine except “low voltage” on charging system test. Any thoughts, advice would be appreciated. This happened to anybody else?



    Mine has been doing that every day this week! Did you ever find out why it was doing that?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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