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    I just bought a 2007 Quest SE with Sirius, and most everything works great. The factory install sirius radio does seems to lose the signal more often than my other sirius standalone radio, with a magnetic antennta hooked to the top of my other vehicle.

    Its not horrible, but I would say it loses its signal about 10 times as often, not just the typical underpasses, but more so in trees or bad weather.

    Ive been thinking about installing the portable one in there too just to watch if they both drop at the same time but was wondering if anyone else had any comments on their sirius factory installed.



    I experience the same thing with the factory sirius radio. *shrug*

    Let me know if you hook up another antenna and how you did it. Its a pain, and if it got better i would do it.



    Having inside knowledge through working in the broadcasting industry for many decades, I can tell you the sad news which is, the Sirius weak downlink capability. Sirius has been using software that’s at least a generation BEHIND XM and the results are a satellite signal about 1/3 the strength of its competitor.

    I’ve had both Sirius and XM in my cars and home units. Sirius is always the far weaker of the two by far. XM, while not perfect, is light years ahead of Sirius so if you have a choice between the two, get XM.

    Another note: You may have read about a possible merger of the satellite radio companies? That’s true but it’s still about a year off in the future and even with the merger, the best of the two services will not be available in the revised product offerings.

    To pick and choose what you want and what you don’t will require yet another new receiver and more expense. It’s also not known which of the two company’s software/downlink system will be used but it surely will be XM’s because of what I stated earlier, although that’s not known for sure at this time either. FYI

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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