2007 Nissan Quest (Misfire P0300)

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    2007 Nissan Quest Misfiring. I was driving 2 days ago and suddenly my quest which is less than 30 days old, (Used 73K miles) started riding rough/idle and Acceleration was really poor. I managed to get it to a chevrolet dealership which was less than a mile and also happened to be where I bought the truck from.
    The Service Rep after checking out the van came and asked me If I had topped off any oil, or done an oil change? I was stunned at the question, cause 1 – the car is only 1 month old from purchase date and 1600 miles added. So No oil change was done. Needless to say, they couldn’t really dive in deep ‘cos it was already late for the day. i got a call yesterday morning from the Service manager whom by the way seemed nice that the Fuel Tank has some sort of oil and what looked like alcohol in it and they needed to bring the tank down. Cost for doing this was 250:00, which I said If it doesn’t fix the problem then I am not paying and he agreed. Got a call this morning and it wasn’t the fuel tank. They are still checking it out and if they cn’t fix it by noon ,Van heads out to Nissan. Fault code I was told is P0300. From what i’ve been reading seems like a generic code. The Van is Platinum Certified for 60 days. I am hoping whatever it is is covered uber this warranty. So far, Nissan has been a really bad experience . I owned an 05 Nissan Altima that was bought brand new, it was 1 problem after the other. yet I still bought the Quest ‘cos of it’s styling and Drive. Now, i am hoping this is not a mistake.

    Can someone please let me know what to expect from a P0300 code and steps I need to take/



    I don’t know if you still need this but maybe in the future someone with a similar issue may find it helpful. If it starts, try to rev it up higher than 3000 rpm. If it won’t, most likely it’s a MAF (mass air flow) sensor going bad. You can try getting one from a junk yard to test the theory. If it doesn’t make any difference then follow the FSM EC.pdf page 266 to 272 or so. You can find the FSM online at nicoclub.com/FSM

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