2007 Quest already needing new O2 sensor

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    Well the check engine light came on last night. Took van to Advance to have them run a scan. It came back with Bank 2, sensor 1 oxygen sensor out of range. Just wondering if anyone else had oxygen sensors going out on their 07’s yet. 56,xxx miles. About the same time that the first one went out on my 98 maxima but I have used premium gas only since I bought it with 40,000 miles. I don’t know what the previous owner used as I bought it from a dealer. I searched but didn’t really see any posts from people having problems. I also found on another site that someone got the check engine light and all it was, was a 7.5 amp fuse that needed to be replaced. Don’t sound right to me. I didn’t know there was a fuse for the oxygen sensors but I could be wrong. Just wondering how detailed of a job it is. I think it is the front one and there appears to be a little room there but not much. I guess it shouldn’t be too bad. Thanks for any responses.



    I just replaced all of mine today at 85,100 miles on my 04 3.5SE. I had to replace all of them Cost me like $800 with labor from the dealer. Now I find out my air fuel sensor has to be replaced too. I swear this van is one big headache. One problem right after another.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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