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    I consider myself “smart” when it comes to technical things. However, I am having a hard time with my new Quest’s DVD system. Please tell me step by step how to listen to the radio while the kids are using the headphones to watch a movie. I can get it done, but I don’t know how I did it! LOL I am so frustrated with it. Thanks!



    I have an 06 and I’m not sure if the 07 is the same, but here’s how I go about it. I’ll give 2 different scenarios:

    1. The DVD is already in the player: On the front audio control, select the headphones button. You should get a small headphone icon show up on the display. Turn on the DVD player with the remote and press play. IIRC, the rear audio control will automatically switch to DVD and voila. Then you can select any other audio input (CD, satellite, radio) from the front audio control and you can enjoy your selection from the front speakers. If I am mistaken about this switching to DVD automatically, then the DVD button on the rear audio control needs to be pressed and that should do it.

    2. No DVD in the player: Insert the DVD in the player. On ours, this automatically turns the DVD player on, turns the headphones on (icon shows up on the display) and starts the DVD playing. As above, you can make your selection using the front audio controls.

    Not sure what age your kids are, but it’s great when the kids are old enough to take control themselves in the back. Also note that if you need their attention, you have a couple of ways of getting it quickly while they are watching a movie – press the headphones button on the front audio control and they are listening to your music – I hear about it pretty quickly from my kids when I do this. You can also turn off the rear audio control and again subject your kids to your music. The third way is to press the power button on the front audio control, shutting everything down.

    Hope this helps.




    Thank you for taking the time to type that out. I printed it and I’ll try it out.



    Hi again.
    I did what you said and you do have to push mode in the rear controls to make it come back on.

    Originally the DVD comes on but when I pressed FM for the music it shut off, requiring me to push mode on the back controls. Hope that made sense! LOL



    Hi!!! Were you able to figure out how to operate your DVD player? Didn’t you get a Quick Reference Guide for the DVD player when you purchased you Quest?
    I have a copy of the Quick Reference Guide, and I think that will help you what you wanted to do, but I don’t know how I can send it to you…

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