2007 Quest – Plastic Screw that holds up black Rock Plate?

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    The black, plastic (rock plate?) that is under the front of our van is hanging down almost to the ground because there are two plastic screw things have been pulled out. This is the big plastic piece that covers the front of the car under near the ground. Anyone know where I can get these plastic screws or a part number or something to get this fixed? Thanks!



    You can get them from a Nissan parts department. I’m sorry I don’t know the part number. These pins come in two sizes, large and small. Stock up on both. I think the one you need is the larger one and the plastic cover in the wheel well takes the smaller ones



    Yes. But i prefer my stuff more customized. Isn’t that too risky for the holder?
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    I stopped by and got these from the local nissan place yesterday. Part number 01553-09241. Got two screws for only $1.60 each. They worked great. Also got some touch up paint for our silver 2007 quest for $9.20 part number 999PP-VSK12. And an extra key just to open the door for $10.



    had in NY I almost lost my bottom part of the fan…I wonder if anyone knows how to get it replace here in the city.



    Thank you for your helpful information; it gave me the courage to DIY my problem. I had the same problem with the flap or dust shield dragging because all the 6 fasteners closest to the engine had fallen off. On my 2007 Quest the fasteners were small ones – Part #01553-05323; I also replaced 2 large ones under the bumper – Part #01553-09241. I have no mechanical experience and I was able to snap these in fairly easily. You do, however, have to figure out the best way to get under your van because there’s not that much room under there.



    Like it was pointed out, this push rivet type of fastener is cheap at the dealer and they always have them on hand, but a regular zip tie also works and is $1 for a few dozens.

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