2007 Quest squealing at 1500 rpms

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    So my husband had this grand idea to get me a new car since he was going to be deployed. The Quest was nice/cute…. Now at 33500 miles I am having this horrible squealing sound. The noise occurs at about 1500 rpms. It does not make the noise when you rev the engine while in park only when driving. Took it to a mechanic and they said it was the belts. Replaced them and drove off only to still have the same noise. Not sure what to do now….or what is causing the squealing …..


    Take it to the dealer. Don’t screw with a little mechanic. The squeeling sound could be anything from brakes or rotors, etc. Your not driving with the parking brake are you? That can cause some squeeling too



    No not driving with the parking brake on…the belts have been replaced….the breaks and rotors replaced… while up on the rack the mechanic took off the belts and the ran up the rpms..the noise is still happening….he said it sounds like something in the timing chain which should be covered under warranty. I have an appointment with the dealer on Monday.



    Probably an idler pulley. Had to have mine replaced at about 37,000 miles. Now 20,000 miles later it is doing it again.

    The sound is probably occuring while at idle and gets louder when the ac compressor is on. Then, when you rev the engine it goes away.



    any update?
    is it similar to the youtube video i posted a while back?



    I have an ’07 with 24,000 kms, or about 18,000 miles. I have had it at the dealer three times, belts changed twice. They aren’t too interested in figuring it out, just want to change the belts, bill Nissan and send me on my way.
    Any resolution for you??



    I have a 2005 Quest S 27000 miles and have been experiencing the same problem.it only happens when the a/c in on.So i took the car to the dealer.They diagnosed that the timing chain needed to be changed.So I left the car with them. They called me a day later and told me when they took the engine apart the found that the engine had blown gasket.Nissan will pay for all the repairs.Strange to me that all this happen as a result of a squealing noise.
    I am waiting to see what happens!!!!.

    2005 Quest owner.



    When our 2006 Nissan Quest reaches 2000 rpms it makes a strange vibration/squeeling noise that seems to be coming from under the front passenger seat. The sound is not consistant and seems to show up once the car gets warmed up. The sound lasts for approx 5 second then goes away. Mechanics can’t seem to locate it and have checked over the exhaust system mulitple times and have found nothing. Any ideas??? Coming from under the passenger seat area is the part that has me confused….

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