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    Hi I’m new to forums. Hoping someone can help me. I have an 07 quest and the warning light saying the tailgate is open goes on and off while the tailgate is closed. it is very distracting as the back lights come on while driving at night. Wondering if anyone knows what causes this. Seems to get Worse when it is cold.



    Nissan is notorious for the intermittent electrical issues.
    If this is not causing you any real pain, just ignore it.
    If it is really bothering you, download a copy of the service manual and trace the electrical diagrams in the Body Electrical section to see where the closed door sensor is located and replace that sensor in a hope that would solve the problem.



    my 2008 had the same issue. thoroughly clean the door jam because it doesn’t take much debris to trigger this. I may have had to replace a sensor as well but try cleaning the heck out of the deals and door jam.



    My car has the same issue (2006), and it’s very annoying! Any idea where this sensor is? I’ve cleaned the area pretty well and even sprayed some electric contact cleaner up into the locking mechanism area in hopes of fixing this issue…no help.
    Finally, it seems to get worse on my car in the cold weather, ie. in the summer it’s intermittent, in winter it’s always tripped. This also means I cannot use power locks and alarm sounds when I can lock the doors!



    I know it’s a poor solution, but there is a button to set the interior lights not to come on when the doors are considered to be opened if I remember correctly. It should be near your left knee on the dashboard I think.

    And if you want to fix this for good, you are in for a thorough investigation with a multimeter along the electric lines leading to the switch or sensor that is supposed to send a signal with the tailgate opens. Nissan’s sensors are crap after certain number of years, they send random unpredictable signals. I had hell of a hard time with an older Maxima that would stall at random and restart itself at random too. Was a bad switch.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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