2007 Quest Water leaking into back storage

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    I bought the 2007 Quest used a few years ago. Since last year, it has been taking in water into the back storage area. I took it to a body shop and they said they would try to fix it but he couldn’t guarantee he could find it or solve it. They was rust on the bolts holding in the third row seat and I could see where the water would trickle it. He replaced the rubber molding around both rear windows and that worked…..for two months. Water is coming in again, but this time from the molding on the bottom back of the storage area closest to the rear hatch. My brake light cover was broken about a six months ago (after the leaks began) and I never fixed it. Could this be the source of the problem? Don’t want to replace it unless I need to.

    Anyone else with water problems on their Quest?



    I had this same problem on my 2004 Quest. The dealer could not fix it. I inspected it and it turned out there is a rubber standoff on the inside of the rear window to keep the glass from hitting the body. There is also a circle that designates where to stick the standoff. My standoff was stuck to the window outside the circle, so when the window was closed it did not seal properly and allowed water to come into the rear compartment. I moved the rubber piece to within the marked circle and solved the problem.

    Hope this helps.



    If yours is an SE, or has the rear skylights, there is a TSB for leaking window seals. According to the TSB, the seals on the roof leak and the water runs inside the van. Hope that helps too…

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