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    Drivers side window is sticking open.

    When fully opened the window attempts to open then auto reverses. Sometimes you can use the manual (not auto up) feature to get it up. Other times it decides not to move at all and you need to shut the vehicle off and turn it back on.

    Will be taking it back to dealer to see what is up.

    I plan to report findings.



    Same problem on ours. It doesn’t happen every time, so I haven’t gotten annoyed enough to take it to the dealer. Let us know how the repair goes.

    06 Quest Base



    Not sure if this is the same problem or not, but we have a problem closing ours. You have to keep the switch pulled up on our 04 for about 5 seconds in order to keep it closed. If you just hold the switch up until it closes and then release, it will go back down about 6 in.



    The dealer claims it is normal for the window motor to heat as you roll it down. If you do not ‘wait long enough’ before rolling it up it will thermally protect itself and not roll up.

    If that logic was correct, then wouldn’t the passenger window do it too?

    If I roll the passenger window up and down for about 2 minutes it will finally do the same thing. Start up and reverse then the window will not move. wait 15 sec or so and you can hear a faint ‘click’ sound in the door and then the window is fine.

    So, I have the complaint logged at least, and will keep an eye on it, but something is not right in there to cause the motor to get hot enough to reach thermal limit on ONE roll down.


    MCA Daddy

    My 04 SE has the exact same issue on the passenger window. the auto-up feature is very squirmy. The window goes all the way up the re-opens about 6 inches. We have to use the manual mode. On two seperate occasions, my wife has returned to the van to find all windows and power sliding doors wide open!!! It happened once on a very rainy day and completely soaked everything. I think I’ll seek some Divine assistance for our Quest.



    This just started happening on my ’05 w/ 40k on it. I haven’t brought it in to have it checked yet because happens so intermittently that I know I won’t be able to reproduce it when I get it to the dealer. As a temp fix, I am avoiding rolling the window down all the way.

    ’05 SE



    Our 06 has recently started doing this also. Is there a switch relay that needs to be replaced or has anyone gotten that far into it yet?




    Mine has the same problem even though it has been fixed before. The problem has to do with the anti-pinch system. The repair manual says that the anti-pinch system will lower the glass 150mm (5.91″) when it senses a pinch.

    Here is what they list as possible causes:

    1. Door window sliding part malfunction
    – A foreign material adheres to window glass
    or glass run rubber.
    – Glass run rubber wear or deformation.
    – Sash is tilted too much, or not enough.
    2. Limit switch adjusting
    3. Limit switch circuit check LH
    4. Encoder circuit check LH

    In my case the first time it happened they adjusted the limit switch. I copy-and-pasted the reset procedure from the factory repair manual below. The reset-switch is on the window motor. I haven’t tried this yet myself. Where they talk about not operating the window automatically, I understand that to mean using the first click position of the window switch (the second click is auto up/down).

    Setting of Limit Switch
    If any of the following work has been done, set the limit switch (integrated in the motor).
    – Removal and installation of the regulator.
    – Removal and installation of the motor from the regulator.
    – Removal and installation of the glass.
    – Removal and installation of the glass run.
    After installing each component to the vehicle, perform the following procedure to reset the limit switch.
    1. Raise the glass to the top position.
    2. While pressing and holding the reset switch, lower the glass to
    the bottom position.
    3. Release the reset switch. Verify that the reset switch returns to
    the original position, and then raises the glass to the top position.
    Do not operate the glass automatically to raise the glass to the
    top position.



    I did the reset procedure this evening and it fixed the problem. The reset switch is accessed through a small hole in the steel right next to the speaker. I removed the inside door panel but now that I know where the reset switch is, I believe this could be done just by prying back the panel instead of removing it completely.



    What a load of BS! If that was true, then of course all windows would have acted in similar manner and it would be used on many more vehicles than just Quest.

    I used to have a problem that auto-up of driver window on 05 that would reverse and roll it down by 4″. Now the problem fixed itself, confirming my conviction that Nissan translates into English as “cluster of intermittent problems”

    The dealer sure has a few new vehicles in the showroom, challenge them to demonstrate their theory on them, or just take one of them for a test drive, drive around the building and show it to the service manager (who apparently never walks over to the showroom).



    I hope the repairing would much easier than you did.
    santa clarita auto glass



    I had a hard time getting good info on how to do the motor replacement. This forum was closest to ‘information’. So I just carefully fixed it myself and wrote it up with pictures so nearly anyone can fix their own window motor or reset the anti-pinch limit.

    There was no way I was going to pay a dealer $500 or whatever to fix this seemingly simple issue (the motor and/or the anti-pinch reset). it took me about 3.5 hours to fix but if i had these instructions with photos i think i could have done it in 1.5 hours or less.

    or to just get the reset switch info

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