2008 Nissan Quest SE- water in my trunk after it rains!

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    Has anyone had a problem with water collecting in the back of the trunk after it rains? When my back row seat is up, I noticed about an inch of water when there is a torrential down pour of rain. It didn’t start happening until this past summer. I checked for leaks, but I can’t find the source. Any recommendations?



    Would appreciate feedback on resolving. Thanks!!



    I had the same issue, drove me crazy! Everytime I thought I fixed it, there would be the same puddle of water in the base, behind the third row, the next time it rained. What ultimately fixed the problem for good was a little bit of rubber sealant. My leak, after meticulous inpection, was coming from a broken/cracked weld joint at the top- left corner of the rear opening. Open the hatch in the back of the van and carefully insect the top left and right corners of the actual body of the vehicle. These 2 points have a pretty substantial weld because this is where it appears 3 different pieces of sheet metal come together. You do not have to remove the rubber gasket that runs along the entire opening, these two weld points are clearly exposed when the lift gate is in the open position. The left one on my van was cracked. Since it is dark gray, I used a bit of rubber sealant, which is black, and rubbed it into the void. No more water problems for the last year! Hope this helps.



    There was a TSB regarding the skylights leaking in the SE models. They leak and the water runs down the inside trim to the rear floor storage area. I’ve kept an eye on ours, and not problem so far. My only water problem was the front sunroof drain stopping up at the end of the host as it drains near the front wheel well.

    Reading the other reply, wow, a broken weld joint, that’s nuts! That probably warrants a NHTSA complaint.

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