2008 SL Visor wire shorting causing interior lights fuse to blow

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    2008 Quest SL – 60k miles – Extended Warranty through Nissan

    Our fuse for the interior lights kept blowing. I changed it twice in a couple of weeks, and eventually took it to the dealer yesterday. They called today and said there is a short in the wire in the visor causing the fuse to blow. They say this IS NOT covered under the extended warranty. I am pretty livid. I can understand a Visor not being covered, but when it is causing an electrical system failure, that is a large issue IMO. Obviously the service writer was no help, so I called Nissan Consumer Affairs, who referred it to a “regional specialist” or something like that. He said I should hear back tomorrow by the end of business.

    Anyone know if I can expect help from them on this issue?

    Additionally, I took it in with several other problems. We were on our way back from Disney World when the air quit working. It was blowing cold in the back vents but up front it was only blowing humid outside air. This part needed to fix was covered bu the warranty. The door trim piece on the drivers side door is pulling back from the door, flapping in the wind. This is not covered under the warranty according to them. Not as big of a deal but still a nuisance. The rubber seals on both the driver and passenger side sliding doors had come about halfway unattached from the door itself. I kept pushing them back in place, but they would just keep coming off again.

    This is our fourth Nissan and now our last. I loved the other three Nissan, this one has been a nightmare from the get go.

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