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    Hi, I just purchased a 2008 Quest 4 days ago, and I have noticed on 3 occasions when I turned the vehicle off and then try to start it again it can take up 7 times to get it to turn over, and it does whether we have been driving for an hour or just sitting from over night. This does not happen all the time and I am afraid the dealer will not be able to replicate this. It has 27K and is still under warranty does anyone know what this could be so I can arm myself before I goto the dealer? Any help woule be greatly appreciated. Thanks



    Hmm, it can be a lot of things, maybe fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel injector, etc. I will definitely bring it back to the dealer before any further damages. You can also put in a fuel injector cleaner when you fill up the tank next time and see if things will get better, other than that, you really have to check the different parts and see if things got clogged up due to dirt or something. Check the air filter too and make sure it had been changed before.

    Good luck.



    Not a fuel system problem, imho. I have had the same problem. Turn the key once, to start, and I did not wait long enough for the starter to “catch.” Then when trying again, the starter turns, but the engine does not turn over. After several tries, it finally does start up.

    I believe it is a computer glitch, rather than any kind of problem with any fuel system component. Happened once at home, but also happened once when I was away from home, and made me a little concerned. It’s an intermittent kind of thing, I am not sure if I could reliably recreate it–and not sure I’d want to!

    Also, what kind of “damage” are you referring to? I don’t think the op mentioned any damage, and I don’t think that cranking an engine causes damage.



    I owned a Maxima that would do that.
    She also liked to stall intermittently.
    The problem was the green fusebox switch.

    My sympthoms included: no spark, no fuel, no tacho, computer shut off. That lead to studying electric diagram and finding that all units mentioned were powered thru that switch AKA relay.



    Our 2001 quest w/ 98k miles on it has recently begun experiencing the same problem. I thought it was a faulty battery and had it tested. When it tested good, I had the alternator and starter tested as well. These both proved to be OK also, so I agree. It must be a computer, sensor, or relay problem. I will check the green fusebox switch mentioned by CanadaQ2005 above.

    My question is (to CanadaQ2005), were you able to replace the green fusebox switch or did you need to bring it in to a mechanic? Were you able to test this problem with a plug in tester (diagnostic tool)?





    Does your starter turn the engine, but the engine does not start?

    If that is the case, study the electric diagram from the FSM and see if you have a switch, called ‘ECCS relay’ on the diagram, like in my old Maxima. That switch is like $25 from the dealer and is located in one of the fuse boxes. You can replace it yourself – it’s a matter of pulling out the old one and inserting the new one.

    But if you turn the key and all you hear from under the hood is a click, or nothing at all, than you have a completely different problem related to electric connection from the ignition lock all the way to the starter – somewhere there is a disconnect.



    This has been happening to us for over a year and is driving us nuts!! Sometimes we eventually get the car to start, but many times it won’t start at all. Every time we bring it to the mechanic it starts fine for them. Sometimes it needs to sit 24 hours before starting again. It used to happen once every few months, then every few weeks, then every few days. We brought it to the Nissan dealer and they hooked it up to the computer. Then charged us $600 to change the CAM position sensor and crank position sensor. The car started fine for about a month, now it’s doing it again. We brought it back to Nissan and they said they started it 30 times and it worked fine. Two days later it barely started and now on day 3 it didn’t start all. I’m bringing it back to our regular mechanic to change the fuel pump, after finding advice online. Hope it works!



    I know what you are going through. My 2007 Quest has had problems starting for over a year. Everytime towed to dealer it would start for them. Finally one of the guys said it was the keys. First make sure you have a good battery. Next new keys made and programed ($85 each). Never a problem again with new keys. I know it sounds crazy but the old keys get loose and dont connect when started. Good luck and let me know what happens.



    Thanks for the advice. We might try a new key since that’s an inexpensive solution, but the 2004 isn’t programed. The mechanic just told us it’s not the fuel pump and if we want to put one in, it’s another $600 just for the part without labor. Anyone want to buy a 2004 Nissan Quest that won’t start?



    When our ECM went, my local machanic thought it was the fuel pump as well. All 2004 keys are programed. After our ECM was replaced, all the keys had to be reprogamed. We have S, which is the lowest trim level.



    My Nissan quest has the same problem too. The van starts, but looks like engine does no turn over. One time I tried even press the accelerator and for couple of days the speedometer was stuck at 20 miles, eventually it went back to 0 when I stop the van. What was the resolution take to resolve your situation of random starting problem? your reply is appreciated.

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