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    After owning my new 2009 Quest SE for 5 days, I’d like to post my likes and dislikes about it. This is mainly in comparison to the other minivans we considered purchasing. We chose the Quest because of the great deal we got (below invoice), the awesome financing at the time and because Nissan gave us $2000 move for our trade (2007 Murano) than any other dealer. Had we been able to avoid a trade in, we probably would have chosen the Volkswagen Routan (but it’s seats were not comfortable for my wife – our #1 selling feature).

    2nd row cupholders on side of seats
    Center console is roomy
    Plenty of storage areas up front
    Glove box is roomy
    Handles well
    Seats are comfy (cloth & leather)
    Seat can get nice & toasty with butt warmers
    Satellite radio is cool but I won’t pay for it after 3 month trial
    Easy to get in & out of
    3rd row seats are stadium style
    All weather floor mats come in 4 pieces for all 3 rows and provide complete coverage except for a 1 foot long space between 2nd row seats (even though nissan said it was a 3 piece set for two rows only)
    Auto up & down of 1st row windows
    Can open side doors & hatchback from front seats
    Memory for seats, mirrors and pedals
    Bluetooth – people can hear you well
    Day/night brightness switch for screen
    Can turn on separate audio controls for rear (and they can listen to a separate audio source then the front passengers)
    Wireless headphones
    Can turn on separate climate controls for rear
    Dual climate controls up front
    Will fit a Britax Roundabout (but not anything bigger (Britax) unless in 3rd row with 2nd row seats all the way forward)
    Securing car seat with latch is more convenient than with seat belts due to the rotational angle of the 2nd row seat belts
    Cupholders up front secure nearly anything
    Visors have no extensions but do slide out and will cover the whole window
    Nice big wide view forward
    Dark Gray (Smoke) is a nice color
    4 sunroofs in back
    Distance markers on the backup camera
    Backup sonar beeping is a life saver
    2 power outlets up front, one in 2nd row & one in cargo area

    Butt warmer switches are hard to reach as they’re on the lower outside of the seats
    Can’t see power outlets (but they are reachable)
    DVD is up front (instead of with the screens)
    AUX inputs (for gaming) are up front (with the DVD player) – this creates a cord nightmare
    Dual DVD screens cannot have to separate DVDs or one with a DVD and the other with a game – it is all or nothing for both
    No 115-volt outlet (for game consoles – so you need a DC/AC converter)
    No flip up storage on 3rd row passenger side (just driver’s side – and it will fit both headphones)
    No cargo net behind pass seat (driver’s seat only)
    Rear cargo net attachments points are quite odd
    No way to tether a rear-facing car seat (only Britax has this option)
    Buttons are small are the console controls
    No touch screen NAV (have to use the joystick)
    Many NAV & Bluetooth functions don’t work while driving (for passenger) and I can’t find a way to override it
    Driver’s seat doesn’t raise up enough for short people (wife is 5’2″)
    Lumbar adjustment is manual (not power)
    Door pockets don’t flip out
    2nd row windows don’t roll down or have window shades
    Side doors must open all the way (no partial for throwing something in)
    No traffic updates with NAV
    Reclining the 2nd row seats is not obvious or intuitive
    No intelligent key (you must put the key in the ignition & you must use the fob to unlock doors). I miss being able to keep my keys in my pocket all the time.
    No compass on dimming mirror (compass in NAV is just the circle with red arrow pointing north)
    Backup camera contrast is washed out and hard to see
    Front seat headrests don’t tilt forward far enough
    Only two cupholders up front
    Spare tire is under floor between 2nd row seats & must be taken out through the vehicle
    No below floor storage bins
    Field of view for parking cause you tend park more toward the right side of a parking spot (on the line) compared to every other car I’ve owned
    Moon roof is very narrow due to DVD screens
    Gear shifter is in an odd position
    No power outlets are on unless car is on
    Side mirrors don’t dim




    How much did you pay for 2009 Quest SE out the door before TTL? Thanks! Where did you buy it from?



    “Spare tire is under floor between 2nd row seats & must be taken out through the vehicle”
    Many owners of recent Chrysler vans with stow-n-go seating, as well as the VW Routan you considered, might see this differently. That spare is underneath, must be lowered to the ground, then dragged to the side of the vehicle. It gets dirty because it is outside the vehicle. It is very easy to check the tire pressure on the spare, where it sits in the Quest, whereas you probably wouldn’t bother on the Chrysler/VW. So this one is highly subjective as to whether it is a “pro” or a “con”.

    “No power outlets are on unless car is on”
    Sure about that? I thought I noticed that the left hand power outlet was always powered, while the right hand power outlet was switched with the ignition. I’ll have to check this one again.

    Northern Virginia

    2008 Nissan Quest S



    I paid $37346. Invoice was $37846. MSRP was $41655. This does NOT include taxes, shipping (from Utah), dealer handling & prep, GAP coverage, clear bra, extended warranty, and the maintenance contract.

    I bought it from Valley Nissan in Longmont Colorado. There were no fully loaded SE models in the state of Colorado.



    After driving for one month, here are some other pros & cons:


    Can rear tether a Britax roundabout in the 2nd row while seat is rear facing (it took a car seat technician to help us find the attachment point for it and my wife is even a certified car seat safety instructor).
    We average about 20-22 mpg but never get more than 16 gallons in a fillup (20 gallon tank).
    The rear heater puts out great for our newborn’s comfort.


    Power sliding side doors have started to rattle a tiny bit (we heard this was a common complaint).
    Rear view mirror is so low to the center console that you can’t hang sunglasses on it or they’ll hit console.
    There is no compass in the rear view mirror (you have to use the one in the NAV system which is just a circle with a red arrow pointing north (no directional labels)).



    “No power outlets are on unless car is on” That isn’t true… i have a 07 Quest and the power outlet close to the drivers side works without the van being on.



    In the 2004 Quests, the outlet in the compartment below the radio is on. I believe the outlet behind the back seat is on.

    2004 Quest S


    Most of what you like, I like and all of what you don’t like…I don’t like either. I have had mine for about 3 days and you have summed it up nicely.



    After testing the other day, the left of the two outlets under the DVD player on the dash has power when the van is off.



    You clearly have an eye for detail. Have you posted reviews anywhere?

    I’d love to read reviews of the Quest and other vans you seriously considered on a site like epinions.com. On my own site, TrueDelta.com, I have a survey-based review that clearly lists pros and cons:

    “Why (Not) This Car?” reviews

    Your insights would also be helpful there.



    Should help me score it.:)



    Russ – I have a 2008 SL, and the sliding door started to rattle I would say about after 4-5K miles or around 3months…
    I took it to the dealership, and they made some adjustment… It has been more than 2 years now with 27K miles – the sliding door has been quiet…

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