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    Just purchases a 2011 Quest LS model to replace a Honda Odyssey with a questionable transmission at 90K. I hope it was a wise decision as we were contemplating a Chevy traverse (slightly used) but for the same money we got a great deal on an LS model (Includes Leather Seating) for the same price brand new. Purchase price was $28K + tax.

    I think the new model is right there with the other mini-van players and surpasses all of them with the new styling inside and out. I only hope that the reliability is there for the long term.

    Here are the features that help us make the decision

    – Price
    – Seating – Very nice leather seats, we will see how they hold up to the abuse of 3 kids
    – Drives nice, a little quieter than our Odyssey

    Has anyone else purchased one of these or am I the only sucker?



    Sorry, its an SL model not an LS…



    Welcome. As a fellow Odyssey owner and senior member of Odyclub.com, I have to admit I think we are rather rare converts. I am planning to get an LE in the next few months. I will never get the 4th gen Ody for more reasons than I care to count. I considered the Sienna, but now I’m pretty much sold on the Quest. What year was your Ody? It sounds like you got a good price on yours, and now you have a rare color since Amthyst is not available for 2012. I had that happen with my 06 Ody and love the color even more because of it.



    We just finalized the purchase of a 2011 Quest SL as well! We haven’t taken delivery of it yet but we figured it was a good step up for us and our growing family from a 2009 Honda Civic. We got a great end-of-year deal and managed to get the last Hakone White Quest in Western Canada. I’ll send a review when we’ve had a chance to spend some time in it.



    So whats your big beef with the new Odyssey models? I’m in the market for a 2011/2012 right now. I think we like the Odyssey so far but haven’t driven the Quest yet.

    My biggest hesitation on the Quest is the lack of reliability information since its a new model and doesn’t have as many out in the field as the Odyssey or Sienna.



    Someone posted that they paid 28K for a 2011 SL with leather
    List price is about 35 – my dealer says they can get one for 31
    should I be going lower than the 31 they offered?
    Model has no DVD or sunroof – just a few niceties like kick plate and mats

    By the way my 97 is still going strong – I won’t get rid of it

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