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    Locally in New Orleans area the dealers are heavily discounting all 2012 Quests. I am suspicious that the prices are too low. Perhaps the van is being discontinued? If something is too good to be true maybe it is?
    I like the Quest for two old retired people but wonder when they discount the top of the line Quest from 45k to 30k. Whats up??


    E52 SPL

    You are telling me that they are selling a brand new 2012 Quest LE with dual sunroof package for $30k? I don’t find this to be so likely… sounds like you are going to go in and get a SV or something like that. $37k, yes it is possible.



    Just got my 2012 SL today with dual sun roofs in St George, UT for $31,500?



    Wow, what a deal. I thought I was doing great when I got my 2011 SL w/ sunroof & Bose for $32,400 in March 2012. Why the deep incentives? (Forget the ridiculous price for a sunroof – plus the same for the DVD player in 2011.)



    We bought ours a month ago and the sticker as 36 and some change. We paid a little under 29. Much cheaper than a Honda or Toyota with similar equip

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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