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    If something is too good to be true … it usually is. I went onto a lot this afternoon and was offered a new 2012 Quest LE with every conceivable package for 34.9K. And he will go down from there! But there also was a different 2012 LE on the lot that wasn’t discounted at all 43.8K. I asked the dealer why the deep discount on one and not the other and never got a good answer – only that the discounted one had 300 miles on it and they wanted to move it off the lot. $9K discount for 300 miles? Too good to be true?



    Does sound a bit fishy, but it is a new vehicle with the full warranty I assume. We bought a 2011 in Dec 2011 and got a great deal as well. It had 500 miles on it, and with dealer cash back, and other incentives we paid well under invoice. We used the savings to get the extended 6 year 75,000 mile warranty. We still saved a decent amount of money, and with everything on the car being electric, or run by computer, we figured it was worth the extra money. Just my two cents.



    It does sound suspicious but with the right questions, you should be able to dispel any suspicion. Asking if the car has been previously sold? (Don’t be afraid to ask to see the title.) Or if the car had been titled or registered? Was the car in an accident or fender bender? Or was there any body work done on the car?

    There is $2,750 cash incentive in certain states on the Quest. That may be part of the discount. Even if the answer is yes to these questions, the fact they are discounting the vehicle by $9k may be enough to make it worthwhile. But if you don’t like their answers or don’t feel they are being honest, I wouldn’t buy it.



    How much should I bargain for for the subject warranty ? In another forum, someone mentioned that one can negotiate extended warranty quite a lot (for a Mercedes).

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