5 Speed Transmission Shift Issues and Fix

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    Hello fellow Quest owners,
    I just wanted to post some info on a quick and easy fix to some transmission shift issues that many of us are experiencing with the 5 speed transmission(re5f22a). I want to share the experience and knowledge I have so that others can save some $$$ with expensive repairs especially with the way the economy is. I had problems with my transmission jerking from R to D and then some shift issues from 3 gear down to 2. My problems were getting worse and found this forum.
    It helped me diagnose my issues and then I performed the fix myself. I took video of the BASIC fix and how to along with video of the instructions you would need to follow if you decide to do it. If not you can still buy the kit and have a shop do it for you. There is a lot of good info on the forum above that I would encourage you to read (it’s pretty long forum to follow). I you just want to jump into it then here is the video I made that. Thanks!

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