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    okay, i have a 94 quest have 2 CEL codes my o2 sensor is bad and also my knock sensor is coming up, now the van really runs like crap. Will not accelerate good, wont maintain speed, if it comes to a big the and the van the hill will win the van just loses all speed and just starts dieing. Just trying to get some opinions before i do the KS



    Had the same problem, but in my case the van was driving fine..I didnt know about the codes till it was time for inspection, it wouldnt pass. I trying to get over and just do the o2 sensor but didnt get lucky..the o2 is cheap and easy to do, u have 1 in the front and some where in the middle. but the knock cost cheap to buy but if you dont know how to install it, it will run you a few hundred dollars, cause it sits inside the engine..About the speed problem you have, I dont know if is any of that, cause I was driving fine and speeding all over the place, didnt know I needed sensors..might be something else beside the 2 sensors. you will still need to get them in order to pass state inspection anyway. But you need to look into something else..when was the last time you gave the van a tuneup?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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