96 Quest Problem After Tune-Up

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    Help friends – Just replaced the plugs, distributor and ignition rotor in my van. After I put in the plugs I started the engine to listen for misses in case I had not gotten one of the boots back on. It ran without a miss.

    I then pulled the distrib cap and replaced the rotor and I think I did a really stupid thing…The rotor is held in place with a screw which was facing the back – difficult to get to. Without thinking, I bumped the ignition to spin the rotor before I realized that may not be a good idea.

    Regardless, when I looked at the rotor again, it seemed to be in the same position so I thought no harm, no foul. I went on with replacing the old one and putting on a new distrib cap and started the engine – missing like crazy. Starts but barely runs, shutters, etc.

    What did I do and how the heck do I fix it? Do I need to set the rotor to TDC by rotating the crank and then put the distributor back on????

    HELP Please!!!!!!

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