98 quest, engine mis.

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    hi everyone, new member and guess what? i have a problem i was hoping someone can help me with (go fugure, new member with a problem) 🙂

    ok, here we go.
    1998 quest.

    #5 is not hitting. (the motor is just missing)
    I have fire.
    I have fuel.
    I have replaced the injector with a new one and then i even swaped it with number 2 just for gp.
    I have replaced the plug.
    I have replaced the plug wire.
    I have replaced the dist-cap.
    I have replaced the module.
    The other 5 cyls are hitting just fine.
    Only number 5 is not firing.

    Now i am scraching my head.

    I ran a compresson check, 140psi.
    I check the vacuum. 18″ steady.
    I checked for vacuum leaks and there are none.

    I checked the egr by pulling up on the valve and the motor does not change any!!

    Hummm, I put a thin metal plate between the egr and the intake thinking it was leaking even though i had 18″ of vacuum. No change.
    I took out the plate.

    I check the injector for a signal using a led light that a frend had just for checking for a siganl on injectors and i am getting a signal.

    the only code was for number 5, i think it was p0305 and of course the knock sensor since the van was missing.

    There are no other codes.

    Now what?


    Louisiana X-Rider

    I know this is an OLD post , but i recently was given a Villager with the exact same problem.

    I have done pretty much the exact same steps as the original poster with no luck in fixing anything.

    I was wondering if anyone else has found a cause/fix to this problem….

    any info will be a great help.



    this morning my van started missing again. i run seafoam every now and then. after driving two or three miles the miss was gone. i am still getting 17 miles to the gallon in town. i am going to start checking the coil, cap and wires again 🙁

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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