99 Quest fluctuating idle speed, stalling

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    I’m hoping someone can shed some light on this problem, it’s been driving me nuts. I’m usually pretty good at diagnosing and fixing car issues, but this has me stumped. My vehicle has an issue in that the idled fluctuates between 1100 and 450 RPM, mainly when it’s warmed up, but it’s not really steady cold either. This is a somewhat intermittent problem. There are times it will idles fairly smoothly at 750 for several minutes, mostly it doesn’t though. The engine will stall a lot as the idle drops too low. This is a good engine that burns no oil and is well-maintained. It has a new distributor, recent new plugs and Belden wires, new fuel pump, filter, and pressure regulator, swapped MAF sensor, and I have checked again and again for vacuum leaks or lose hoses and found nothing. It does not respond to carb spray anywhere on the engine. There is no arcing in the ignition, I’ve doused it with water, makes no difference. Off idle it gradually smooths out. At road speed it runs pretty strong. I’ve inspected and cleaned the IAC passages, no change. The best I can describe it is that it seems like it’s not getting either enough fuel or air momentarily, almost like you stuck your hand over the intake. (has new air filter too) Any help would be appreciated.

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