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    My power passenger sliding door did not want to close all the way since I bought the Quest in 2008. As my parents now use the van most of the time, I wanted to let them use the door without having to struggle with it.

    Eventually I found that the culprit was the middle hinge seizing. I removed the hinge and found that it was almost completely seized. Working the hinge with 2 breaker bars while spraying it with WD40 eventually freed it enough that it could be easily operated by hand. Then I sprayed lithium greeze onto the pivot and spring and rust-check all over the rest.

    Unfortunately the power door did still did not work and I had to remove the panel inside to find out that while the middle hinge was seized, the cable cut its way through the adjusting plug of the pulley and ate a grove in the pulley itself. I ended up removing the motor/clutch assembly and disconnecting the cables from the door to convert it to hand operated.

    Then I did the similar procedure with the driver side hand operated door’s hinge. Now both doors are very easy to operate.

    Another thing was the ECM body corrosion issue. I removed the ECM and used a wire brush to remove Al oxide or hydroxide whatever that white powdery substance is, then sprayed both mount and ECM body with rustcheck and put everything back together. Looked like corrosion ate through almost 1/2 of the ECM body aluminum.

    The only remaining problems to address at this age are buzzing front hubs and worn lower control arms. I am going to use Timken for the hubs, but for the control arms I am going to need help of the members. I thought until now that Beck-Arnley should be higher quality than the rest of the cheap aftermarket control arms, but I am hearing that BA is about the same (crappy) quality just a bit more expensive.

    As the van is holding up pretty well (knock on wood) I am going to keep it for a few more years and would like to buy the lower control arms that should last at leas 5 years and about 60k miles. Does anyone have aftermarket control arms that last for about 3 years and at least 50k miles without noticeable deterioration?

    Thank you!

    Oh, and by the way, my old account name was CanadaQ2005 and all these years since the last post I was not able to log in/register, until it magically worked today. So I am back! 🙂



    Just received the front Beck-Arnley control arms and Timken hubs. Will be installing them on the weekend. Wish me luck!



    When I tried removing the driver side control arm, one of the bolts snapped after coming 1/2 way out.

    And also while removing ball joint stud from the knuckle I probably pulled the axle from the differential. I cannot align the new ball joint with the hole in the knuckle as the knuckle is too far out.

    So I have an unmovable vehicle in the driveway and sore muscles 🙁



    Ended up hammering the drive shaft back in and slowly driving to the shop with the control arm held by 1 bolt.

    The mechanic snapped the nut on the other control arm and had to grind off the bolt head to remove.

    So in the end each of my control arms is held by 1 factory screw and 1 through bolt with a nut. He said the steering wheel is turned and alignment is required. I was hoping it would not be.

    And he could not remove the ABS sensors without shattering them, they were so seized in the holes. So I am out another $100 for the sensors and replacement drive shaft.



    I just purchased both OEM Lower Control arms from eBay 5 days ago and they were NISSAN parts. Both were $144.00. a video showed the control arms needed to be angled to insert.



    So 3 months later and another alignment done, my steering wheel is still at 11:55 and the van pulls to the left ever so slightly. According to the machine alignment is perfectly within the spec.

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