A few issues, but love the van.

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    I’ve owned my 2005 Quest for about 4 years now and have 112K miles on it. Recently, over the past 3 months, a few things have been happening. First, the rear sensor stopped working. The switch that turns it on/off just stays “off”. Second, the back door is an auto lift door and now only works half the time. It starts to go down or up and then stops like somethings is in the way (checked, nothing is) or it dowsn’t have the power to open/close anymore but works sometimes. Third, when we start up we hear an awful clicking/winding noise and as the car warms up it quiets down to a passive but noticale ticking noise. We’ve checked oild and fluid levels and all are good. We’ve also had the belts replaced too. I’ve heard it may be the oil pump? And finally, the “Service Engine Soon” light came on the other day. We will have in looked at next week but was wondering what could cause it to go off. I heard of the gas cap issue and haven’t tried that yet. We take very good care of the van as we really enjoy it and it has served us well. Is it just the age and miles and needs a little more TLC? Any insight would be appreciated. I’m comfortable doing maintanence on my vehicles but if it’s a major repair, I’ll take it in.

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