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    My wife and I are Quest owners again! In ’04 we leased a Quest SE (smoke/rouge) and absolutely loved it. At the end of the lease we sold the van and bought an ’07 Denali XL. The 3rd row seat space was horrible, not nearly the comfort of the Quest, and 10.5mpg to boot. Sold it.
    Then we bought an ’08 GMC Acadia. Great ride, great in the snow. Horrible power, horrible gas milage (12.5), and space was once again an issue. Sold it.
    Back to the Quest.

    We found an ’04 SE with only 35,000 miles on it for $10,900! Aside from the typical scratch here, scratch there (minor)it’s in fantasitc shape, and the wife and kids are happy.
    (I’m happy because it’s getting 18+mpg around town.)

    Anyway, thought I would share.

    It’s good to be back.



    Welcome back, it’s great to hear about folks that wonder off and come back home when they come to thier senses.

    We have an 07 and just made it past the 24 month mark and still very happy with the choice. I ordered new tires and wheels for it to move away from the 225/60-R16 OEM tire debacle, but other than that we are very pleased with the choice.

    Some cars are fast, some cars are fun…. …my Miata is not fast.



    Our SE came with a set of SL wheels on it (apparantly the previous owner bent one of the SE wheels and rather than replacing, found a deal on some SL’s) I had no idea that 225 60R16’s were an “odd” size.
    I’m planning on putting some custom wheels on soon anyway…17’s, maybe 18’s.
    It’s amazing how effortless this thing is to drive, at least compared to the last two rides.
    Hey barrell, post some pics of your wheel choice!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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