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    Installation of the PAC AAI-NIS into the Nissan Quest

    Material List
    1. Torx T20 bit or screwdriver
    2. Electrical tape
    3. Drill and bits
    4. Flathead screwdriver (optional)
    5. Pliers (optional)
    6. PAC AAI-NIS

    These procedures assume that you want to place a nice finished 1/8 jack as the auxiliary input. If you do not want that, but simple want to dangle a wire to access the AAI-NIS, then these directions may only be halfway useful.

    Installing the jacks

    1. Bring the central console molding to a nice padding non-scuffing surface. The garage floor covered by a towel works well.
    2. Remove the bottom drawer by unscrewing the two T20 screws from the base
    3. Remove the internal panel from the bottom drawer by unscrewing the two T20 screws from the base, and the single T20 screw on the top.
    4. Drill holes next to either DC outlet.
    5. Remove the finishing nut from the 1/8 inch phone jack
    6. Insert the jack through the hole and affix the finishing nut. You may have to use a screwdriver or pliers here. Be careful not to gouge the insides of the jack or you could render it useless.
    7. Thread the wire as needed. If you are placing the jack next to the DC outlet inside the bottom drawer, note that it should follow the same path as the DC outlet wire.
    8. Make wire-management considerations about wrapping them in electrical tape, bundling them to the molding, etc.

    Installing the AAI-NIS

    1. Wrap the entire AAI-NIS cable in electrical tape, the power cord as well.
    2. Unscrew the stereo. There are four nuts holding it in place.
    3. Unmount the stereo.
    a. To make things easier you can unplug everything from it, but this is unnecessary.
    4. No pictures are needed here, each plug can only fit into its slot.
    5. Unplug the power cable
    6. Plug in the power cable supplied by PAC to the stereo, then plug the original power cable into the PAC-cable.
    7. Plug in the AAI-NIS into the SAT jack
    8. Make sure your cables are routed properly.
    9. Remount and screw in the stereo, get the power cable behind it
    10. Place the AAI-NIS unit to the right of the stereo in that empty space.
    Re-installing the central console molding

    1. Bring the molding into its approximate position
    2. Route the jack wires to the AAI-NIS.
    3. TEST here. Make sure everything is working before committing yourself. You have two jacks, accessed by pressing preset a or b then the SAT button.
    4. Bundle and tape wire as needed.
    5. Follow the instructions from the removal in reverse order.


    iPod Install Guide

    1. Creating the 1/8 inch phone jack patch cables.
    2. Removing the console molding
    3. Installing the auxiliary adapter and jacks
    4. Plugging in the iPod



    I installed a Delphi DVD unit a few months ago and I am planning on connecting the audio through the stereo. As far as I can tell there are two options:

    1) The AAI-NIS that you talk about in this post.
    2) Using the factory DVD Entertainment System inputs on the stereo.

    I’m going to pursue option 2 first since it sounds like I may be able to split the dvd audio to the rear while listening to other audio in the front. If I can’t get it to work I’m going to install the AAI-NIS.

    Option 2 is detailed toward the bottom of the page on the following site where it was done on an Armada: AV_Mods

    To summarize, this Armada owner interfaced an aftermarket dvd unit with the factory dvd interface by splicing the FES ENABLE and AUDIO ON wires (this suppresses the “No DVD” message) and connecting the left and right audio cables to the FES LH IN+, FES LH IN-, FES RH IN+, and FES RH IN- wires. From what I have read, this connection may also require a line driver since the FES inputs require a signal that is slightly hotter than standard line level.

    I have the factory repair manual for the Quest and it has all of the same connections: FES ENABLE, AUDIO ON, FES LH IN+, FES LH IN-, FES RH IN+, and FES RH IN-. I would post the wiring diagram but I don’t know how.

    I dissassembled the console as outlined in this post and found that my stereo doesn’t have the harness for the connections above. I am going to see if I can get the harness or make it with the connector and some repair wires.



    Yes, I think you are right to opt for the DVD inputs rather than a simple auxillary input for the DVD, for the front/rear split. I’d like to see your DVD installation and illustration of what you’re attempting to do with the DVD input. If you need any assitance uploading images, etc, just contact me by email:



    I recently installed the aftermarket DVD system to my 2005 Quest purchased from Myron & Davis. It is a nice system for much lesser price. However, the wire FM modulator that came with the package created background noise every time I accelerate. To try to solve this problem, I put in a direct-connect FM modulator with filters which still did not fix the problem.

    The best solution offered was to use the AAI-NIS to connect to the satelite component. Unfortunately, the AAI-NIS unit that was purchased did not fit. According to the manufacturer (PAC), the unit should be compatible and fit in the 2005 Quest. In contrast, some of the internet sites showed that it is compatible up to 2004 model. Does anyone know if this is true? If so, is there an AAI-NIS made for 2005? Lastly, does anyone know if the factory radio unit is different from 2004 and 2005 model that AAI-NIS plug will only fit in 2004 model? Your help would be extremely appreciated. Thank you. Please contact me by email:



    Our van is a 2005 “S”. When you say that it did not fit, do you mean that the plug to the SAT port did not fit, or that the unit’s housing couldn’t be fit behind the dash?

    It sounds to me like you have interference from your power source to the FM transmitter; but a direct line-level connection would still be better. Just be aware that if the interference is coming from the DVD unit itself, using the AAI-NIS won’t solve the problem. Can you isolate this further by using headphones, etc?



    Thanks for your comment. Currently, I have a direct FM modulator connected to the factory radio with two filters. The interference is only heard when I accelerate mostly through the front speakers. The headphones do eliminate this problem, but I still would like to solve this interference problem. The AAI-NIS purchased did not even plug correctly to the factory unit (so I was told by the installation specialist). Did you use AAI-NIS on your 2005S van and did it install correctly? I am interested to know how you have configured your van. Your input is much appreciated. Thank you.

    P.S. By the way, would you or anyone happen to know how one can reduce the wind noise from the side door area. It seems rather noisy compared to other cars or minivans. Thanks again.



    I order mine from Chumbo, catalog number 254323

    Sorry, I didn’t take a picture of my stereo because each plug could only fit into one jack, making the connection (I thought) pretty easy.




    How much did you pay for the factory repair manual. I own an 06 and my local dealer is asking for close to two hundred dollars for the manual. Does it sound right?

    Thank you in advance,



    Sorry I didn’t notice this post way back when. I bought a subsription to the manual from the Nissan website. That price sounds about right though.



    I finally decided to go the AAI-NIS route. The FM modulator is just too much of a pain when traveling long distances with constant interference from radio stations. There is now a version of the AAI-NIS called the AAI-NIS2. This version allows you to use both the satellite radio and aux inputs. I believe the old version could only be used if you didn’t have satellite radio installed. Installation was a piece of cake, just a matter of un-plugging and plugging wires. The biggest part of this job is tearing the console apart and putting it back together.



    I completed this installation last weekend without any major problems. Thanks a lot for these instuctions and pictures!



    So if I don’t have any satellite installed, and pressing the button says “NO SAT” then does that mean the AAI-NIS will work for me? I remember when we bought our 2004 Quest in October 2003, the salesman said the satellite would not work in the first run of 2004 Quests but the newer ones would come with the option preinstalled.



    I found a pdf version of the repair manual online for free for the 06 quest. Send me an email and I will dig up the link……



    Is there anyone no what to do on installing a aftermarket radio in a 2005 Nissan quest please help



    Can u send the repair manual to me my email is thanks

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