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    My 2004 Quest had many door adjustments & other problems fixed by my dealer under warranty, and things have been good for several years. But just recently, with no apparent causative event, the drivers side sliding door(automatic) started acting up, big-time.

    First, when it closes, the rear ‘latch’ closes & then immediately pops out, though the front latch near the handle is locked solid. If you leave it like that, you actually here some kind of motor ‘whirring’ when you drive, and the ‘door open’ light is on. But if you whack it hard with your butt, it does latch, the light goes out & it’s ‘officially’ closed…BUT, it doesn’t react to any of the three ‘open buttons’ (front/center, inside/side and/or remote).

    You need to open it manually…but now (after several days of this wasn’t doing this initially), after you open it manually & pull it open..the motor kicks in (normal) and then it opens…but then it hits the rear stop & REVERSES automatically, witch is beyond annoying, as you can’t load anything without getting crushed. BTW, is the insane amount of closing force the door exerts before reversing normal? That seems crazy-unsafe!!

    I’ve looked around here for advice on how to adjust the door, but I haven’t really found anything other than replacing the cable…but that seems to be intact.

    So…any suggestions? Is it perhaps a single problem….the cable doesn’t extend enough when closing the door to fully engage the latch, and conversely it retracts too hard when opening the door, triggering an automatic reversal when the door reaches it’s limit? That sounds like it could be an easy fix…like adjusting a garage door opener…iffen I could find where & how to adjust the forward/reverse travel distances.

    Thanks for any help/advice you can afford me!!!

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